Couple met as toddlers & have known each other for 82 yrs celebrate their 64th year of marriage

She was the person he had always intended to wed.

The love story of Joel and Carolyn LaPray is unique, and their dedication to one another is incredibly admirable.

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The couple has been together for 82 years and has been married for 64 of those years.

Few people can claim to have known their spouse their entire life.

They were neighbours and friends of each other’s parents when they first met as young children in Idaho in the early 1940s.

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The romance between Joel and Carolyn.

When Joel and Carolyn first met as toddlers, the United States was just about to enter World War II.

Both families left their homes during the war, but Joel and Carolyn reconnected when they were teenagers and the families moved to Utah.

Joel asked Carolyn to the military ball when they were sophomores in high school, but she wasn’t entirely sure of her feelings for him — despite the fact that he seemed confident that she would be the woman he would marry.

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Joel was accurate, it turns out.

In their senior year of high school, as they began to spend more time together, their love for one another grew. By the time they graduated, they were engaged and beginning their amazing life together.

Developing a life and a family!

After their first year of college, they decided to get married. The following year, they both attended Utah State University.

Their love story is simply stunning, and 64 years later, they are still devoted to one another.

They have 6 children, 25 grandchildren, and 33 great-grandchildren as a result of their marriage, a large family!

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They have so many grandchildren, according to Joel, that he has stopped keeping count.

But we’ll perform his family math. The family of Joel and Carolyn totals a whopping 70 members!

A lovely memory to jog their memories of one another.

Joel and Carolyn have a black-and-white photo of themselves as young children from when they first met, and Joel’s mother asked a friend to paint it as a wedding gift!

With the inscription “Joel and Carolyn, their first date,” it was set up close to their wedding cake.

This gift was and still is a priceless remembrance of their love story and something that most people will never possess.


What has kept a couple married for 64 years?

Joel answered immediately when asked what the key to 64 years of marriage was: compromise!

“We each have different opinions, we compromise, we do it her way.” – East Idaho News

A happy wife leads to a happy life, as Carolyn suggests!

Joel tries his best to live up to the standard that demonstrates his love for Carolyn because he understands that as long as “momma” is happy, everyone will also be happy.

A partnership to strive for.

The love story of Joel and Carolyn LaPray is truly unique, and their dedication to one another is an example to many.

As they celebrate future anniversaries, we wish them much success and hope to see them continue to live out their dream.