Couple married for 59 years now celebrates their 100th grandchild

Numerous individuals aspire to have a large family and consider it a major accomplishment to be able to do so. The Chicago Zanger family had similar hopes, and judging by the size of their brood, they have truly exceeded expectations!

Let’s examine the large family and their most recent major accomplishment!

Leo and Ruth Zanger are devoted grandparents to one hundred grandchildren! Recently, they celebrated the arrival of Jaxton Leo, their 46th great-grandchild and 100th grandchild overall! Austin and Ashleigh, their grandson and granddaughter-in-law, welcomed the newest member of the clan.

Even though the family is large, they are extremely close. In fact, the majority of them live in close proximity to one another in the Quincy, Illinois region and make it a point to celebrate special occasions together throughout the year.

Whenever everyone comes together, a significant event occurs. They must rent the church hall and order ten turkeys or approximately fifty pounds of ham to feed everyone.

The family gatherings are conducted with great efficiency, as everyone knows their responsibilities and they always proceed without a hitch. The family ensures that everyone takes turns providing food, and during their turn, everyone strives to outdo one another!

Possibly, when Ruth and Leo got married, they had no idea their family would become so large. They joke that the amount is sufficient to “start our own town!”

Leo is so overjoyed by their good fortune that he exclaimed, “The good Lord just kept sending them.” And whether they expected their clan to grow further, Ruth said, “There’s always room for one more.”

The couple has been together for nearly six decades and had twelve children between 1956 and 1984. Their oldest child, Linda, is currently 58 years old, while their youngest, Joe, is 31. In 1984, when Joe was born, he already had 10 older nieces and nephews.

Jeannine, his oldest niece, was born in 1975 to his oldest sister Linda and her husband Kenny Hardin. The family then welcomed nine new grandchildren who are all slightly older than Joe. The small age difference between them all allows them to get along splendidly!

With such a large family, it is necessary to have someone who handles the details. Donna, the daughter of Ruth and Leo, serves as the family’s unofficial historian and is responsible for keeping track of all significant dates and information. She is responsible for notifying everyone when the family is obligated to assemble.

She explains,  “[Other family members] always say ‘Since you already have all of the phone numbers, can you just text or call them and let them know about whatever the event is?’”

In order to remember everyone’s name and relationship, anyone who marries into the family may initially feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they must memorize.

Ashleigh, who gave birth to the 100th grandchild in her family, acknowledges that she feels “extra special.” When she was three months pregnant, Donna and her husband’s mother figured out that her baby would be the 100th grandchild.

The family is extremely close, with many members even working in the same business. Daniel Zanger, the father of Austin and the grandfather of Jaxton, asserts, “There is a Zanger in virtually every field.”

Daniel states that his family has always been close, and he learned the value of family while growing up. He expressed his hope that the same family values he was taught will be instilled in his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

While gatherings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are important, they are not as essential as gatherings for other holidays. The family also gathers on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Even with such a large family, they maintain close relationships. This is a unique family!