Country singer Walker Hayes’s Success can be attributed in large part to his wife, Laney Beville Hayes

After encouraging her husband to pursue a career in the music industry, Laney Beville Hayes became his primary source of inspiration. Their love journey began when they were in elementary school, and while it has been full of moments that will warm your heart, it has also had some challenges along the way.

The moment Laney Beville Hayes heard Walker Hayes perform for the first time, she immediately believed in his goals of being a famous singer. His singing ignited a never-ending love and support for the country artist, both of which have only grown stronger over time.

They started dating when they were in high school, and several years later, they were married and started a family. However, in recent years their family has been through a terrible ordeal because one of their children, who would have been their seventh child, passed away.

High School is where Laney Beville Hayes met her future husband.

They didn’t start conversing and going on dates until they were in high school, even though their narrative started in elementary school. Walker was too shy to approach Laney, a well-liked cheerleader, and start a conversation with her.

That is, until they both took part in the school play “Little Shop of Horrors.” They spoke briefly about their initial encounter during a “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram in 2020, with Laney stating:

“He started singing. I thought it was awesome.”

Walker then thanked the admirer for the compliment. He mentioned going to a Genie on a building site for their first date during his appearance on “The Bobby Bones Show.” He created a drawing for her to preserve as a reminder of the memorable evening, which she took with her.

The couple then talked for several hours. Prior to their June 12, 2004, wedding, they dated for seven years. In 2019, a month before their 15th wedding anniversary, Walker shared a throwback photo of Laney and him cuddled up in 1997 while grinning for the camera.

Laney Beville Hayes Never Doubted Her Husband’s Dreams

Walker sang on stage alongside veteran singer Ciara, who is also a mother of three, at the Country Music Television Awards in October of last year. Before telling the audience how his wife supported him, he gushed about her as he won his Artist of the Year award, saying:

“She’s been beside me guys, she’s thrown a lot of heartbreaks along this wave and never once did the woman ever say, ‘hey you think you want to have a more normal ambition or a more realistic dream.’ Not one time.”

Walker Composed a Song for Laney Beville Hayes in Honor of the Couple’s 15th Wedding Anniversary.

It was named “Don’t Let Her”. Following the song’s debut in 2019, its lyrics grabbed the hearts of many people, which resulted in an interview on “The Bobby Bones Show,” in which Laney joined her husband for the conversation. On the other hand, this wasn’t the first time that she was the inspiration behind a huge hit song.

He then went on to release “Face In The Crowd” shortly after he was crowned the winner at the CMT awards ceremony, which was also attended by celebrities Lainey Wilson and Rachel Smith. During the love jam, Walker opened up his emotions to Laney and reassured her that despite his success, she would always be his top priority. Laney thanked Walker for his honesty and affection.

When Laney Beville Hayes was giving birth to their seventh child, Walker Hayes almost lost her.

Early in 2018, Walker and Laney were looking forward to the birth of their seventh child with great anticipation. On the other hand, when it came time for Laney to give birth, things took a turn for the worst and became more catastrophic. Although they welcomed a another child, a girl they called Oakleigh Klover, she died during pregnancy.

While Walker was distraught about how to tell Laney the terrible news, a nurse informed him that his wife might not survive as well. A uterine tear caused Laney to lose her baby and come dangerously close to dying. Thankfully, she lived, but she still had to grieve for her youngest.