Construction worker sees a woman fleeing a car on the highway, he intervenes

Each of us, in our own way, has the potential to become a hero.

All that is required of us is quick thinking and dexterity.

It’s possible that there are persons in another part of the country or state who require our assistance. There are those who are battling the wars in their heads while waiting for someone to come up to them and talk to them.

Others, though, cry for help.

I mean, there are people who will actually scream or plead for help when they are in danger.

At first, this is going to cause us to experience a surge of panic as well. “What should I do?” is a question that comes up frequently.

Because even if we are the final glimmer of hope for someone else, if we don’t act quickly and strategically, we could end up in danger ourselves. Fortunately, for some of us, our natural instinct to survive is enough.

This is something that Kevin Huntington is well aware of.


Kevin is familiar with the Interstate 95 corridor in Northern Virginia due to his work in the construction industry.

He frequently travels on interstate roads, areas where he is aware that a great deal of odd and perhaps hazardous activity takes place.

Thursday started out as a typical day until something unexpected happened.


He was working on the highway over by Mile Marker 155 when the incident occurred. The highway was, as usual, very busy, but the presence of a speeding car drew everyone’s attention.

He was startled by a woman jumping out of a moving car.

She kept on running in the direction of Kevin.

The woman yelled for assistance the entire time and urged him to dial 911.

He attempted to phone for assistance and report the situation. When Kevin questioned the woman, she explained that a man was trying to kill her.

If you were in his position, you, too, would probably start to freak out when you realized that the person who was after her could turn their attention to you.

But Kevin didn’t cower.

Instead, he advised the woman to remain behind him so that he could keep an eye on her and ensure that nothing untoward would occur to her.


The individual, who was afterwards discovered to be named Aaron Berg, came up behind them and stood by their shoulder. Additionally, he noticed that Aaron was engaged in telephone conversation with a third party.

Fortunately, the police arrived and detained Aaron.

The police were looking for him after receiving a complaint of an abduction on the highway.

He was apprehended for “kidnapping, strangling, and sexually assaulting an 18-year-old”.

The woman was able to flee thanks to Kevin’s assistance.

She had successfully escaped from her assailant and had been carried back to safety.

The trauma that was endured by the woman was incomprehensible to us. It is impossible to say what would have happened to her in that precarious situation if Kevin had not been there to provide his assistance and follow his instincts.