Completing a marathon at 93, man inspires others with message of perseverance: “We must always continue”

Charly Bancarel, a 93-year-old man from Salers, Cantal, has completed the Paris Marathon, inspiring many along the way. He finished the 42-kilometer race in 7 hours and 22 minutes and was grateful for the support he received from those around him.

“We must always continue. We don’t stop when we grow old but we grow old if we stop,” he said. Bancarel took up jogging at the age of 55 and has since completed ten marathons.

Despite not meeting his goal of finishing the Paris Marathon in five hours, he remains hopeful and plans to try again next year. “It’s wonderful, I have tears in my eyes to have received so much encouragement, applause. It’s incredible,” he said, wiping his tears.

A video of Bancarel’s marathon run was shared on Twitter by @GoodNewsCorres1, garnering over 72.9K views and 901 likes. Many on Twitter were in awe of Bancarel’s determination and spirit. Bancarel’s story shows that age is just a number and one can achieve their dreams no matter how old they are.

James Fullan, another individual who pursued his dream at an older age, retired from the US Postal Service and decided to take up college baseball.

Despite his nerves and concerns about his age, he plays both as a right fielder and a left fielder for his team, thanks to his skills and contributions.

His coach, Mike Fitzgerald, supports him and is impressed with his dedication to the game.