Compassionate farmer quietly assists neighbors with prescription expenses

The way we are remembered after we’re gone holds great significance. Our legacies have the potential to endure indefinitely. Thanks to the kindness he showed to his community, the memory of one man from Alabama will forever be etched in their hearts.

During the funeral of Hody Childress, beloved father and uncle, family members were in for a surprise when stories were shared about his life. They discovered a secret he had kept for years, revealing just how exceptional he was, not only to them but to the entire town.

It was during the service that the family learned about Hody’s consistent donations to Geraldine Drugs, specifically for those who genuinely needed assistance with their prescription costs. About seven or eight years ago, he began making monthly donations, always intending to remain anonymous, as revealed by Brooke Walker, the pharmacy owner.

“He never wanted anyone to know where the money came from,” Brooke said. “He also didn’t want to know how it was used. He trusted my judgment. We would simply tell the recipient, ‘This is from someone who felt led by God to help another.’ And that was enough.”

Over time, the secret fund grew to accumulate thousands of dollars, thus enabling assistance for an increasing number of people in need.

“He was a man of modest means,” recalled Brooke. “Giving $100 a month was a significant gesture. I knew that helping people was ingrained in his heart.”

Eventually, there was enough money to assist two individuals each month who lacked insurance or sufficient health benefits to cover their prescription expenses.

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In late 2022, Hody’s health started deteriorating due to his battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other ailments. Sensing that his time on Earth was drawing near, he realized he needed someone to continue his mission of delivering the folded $100 bill to Geraldine Drugs. He entrusted this responsibility to his daughter, Tania.

Tania, unaware of her father’s actions all along, expressed her shock, stating, “I had no idea that he was helping people at the drug store.”

“He had been carrying a $100 bill to the pharmacist in Geraldine on the first of each month,” she explained. “He didn’t want to know who had been helped with it; he simply wanted to bless people.”

Hody’s kind-heartedness undoubtedly blessed numerous individuals within his community. Brooke recounted a time when the secret fund was more crucial than ever. Hody’s niece, Ashley Darnel Sargent, shared one of Brooke’s memories on Facebook, describing a young single mother who was in need of medication not covered by her insurance.

When she received the medication with the attached receipt, she burst into tears. But the most touching part came several months later when she returned to pay it forward, requesting money to be added back to the fund. Her desire to assist others in difficult situations had been sparked by Hody, creating a ripple effect that he himself was unaware of.

According to Brooke, many of the people Hody had helped felt compelled to give back and contribute to the fund. They offered to replenish the money. The spirit of giving continued.

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After Hody’s daughter shared her father’s philanthropy at his recent funeral, news of his generosity spread and inspired his family, friends, and others to contribute to the fund, ensuring it remains a valuable community resource.

Heather Walker, the pharmacist at Geraldine Drugs, expressed that honoring Hody in this way was the best possible tribute. She stated, “There are so many people in Geraldine who have lived longer because of Hody. He was a true humble servant who will always be loved.”

Hody, an 80-year-old man who had a passion for farming and wore many hats in life, including being a U.S. Air Force veteran and having worked for the aerospace