College student who was tired of paying rent has built a cozy tiny home for $15K to live debt-free

As young adults head off to college, they face a plethora of expenses in addition to the cost of accommodations. These expenses include food, clothing, school supplies, and other factors, which can quickly burn a hole in one’s wallet.

However, a student from Jacksonville, Florida, named Bradley, has come up with a brilliant idea to combat these expenses. He built himself a stunning tiny house on wheels, offering a taste of the adult life while saving money.

Bradley’s tiny home, named Rolling Quarters, is around 27 x 8.5ft (8.3 x 2.5m) in size and is self-contained with an exterior finished with long-lasting vinyl. Its design is reminiscent of a Florida beach bungalow, complete with a porch that offers stunning views (minus the alligators) and a throwback to southern-style homes.

The interior of Bradley’s tiny home boasts an open and spacious design, with no obstructions from end to end. A big window at the end adds to the feeling of spaciousness, making the home feel larger than its actual size.

Bradley’s kitchen is built on the larger side and features an 8-foot-long counter that provides ample space for food preparation. He uses an electric hot plate for cooking and has a large kitchen sink to make dishwashing easier.

The home also features a cozy sleeping loft, a full-sized shower in the bathroom, and a small office or workspace in the rear of the house, which Bradley utilizes for his studies. The build was done with a budget of $15,000, a clever play on words with his home on wheels.

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In an interview with Living Big in a Tiny House, Bradley shared, “Right out of high school, I paid a year’s worth of rent and decided that wasn’t for me.

So I moved back home and saved up some money to pay for it all cash and build it.” With his DIY home, Bradley went against society’s practice of accumulating debt and saved money on rent in a single year.

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It’s an investment too, as he can expand his home if he wishes to do so. As Bradley shows, building a tiny home is a great way to start on the path to a debt-free future.