Clever boy manages to flee from abductor and fearlessly saves younger brother, who was abducted earlier

On March 31, 2023, CCTV captured footage of a man wearing a wig and face mask forcibly removing a 12-year-old boy from his residence in Moora, Australia.

The intruder, later identified as Johnathan Richard Anthony, appeared to know where the children were sleeping as he walked directly towards them.

The footage depicts Fabiano, the 12-year-old boy, being removed from his bed in the middle of the night. He is shirtless and barefoot, disoriented and confused. However, with the aid of his dog, he bravely fought off Anthony.

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CCTV footage of a masked man breaking into a home | Source: Perth

Having managed to break free from Anthony’s grip, Fabiano swiftly discovered that his younger brother, who shared the same room, was nowhere to be found. In a state of panic, he re-entered the house and alerted others. The abduction occurred at 4:00 am during the early morning hours.

Fabiano’s Father Was Proud of His Son’s Bravery

In a state of distress, Fabiano quickly informed Brayden Pitkethly, a family friend who was also residing on the property. Trembling and with a racing heart, he relayed the alarming news, “My brother is missing; someone tried to drag me out!”

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CCTV footage of the masked man breaking into the home and kidnapping the boy | Source: Perth

As per reports, James, Fabiano’s eight-year-old brother, was taken just a few minutes before the attempted abduction of Fabiano.

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CCTV footage of the boy fighting off his kidnapper | Source: Perth

Pitkethly responded promptly and began scanning the surroundings for any signs of activity, but to no avail. Consequently, he hopped into the car and initiated a search operation.

Shortly afterward, the police authorities joined the search efforts. It was during this search that Fabiano heard his younger brother’s voice calling out, “I’m over here.”

The search for James was an arduous three-hour ordeal, but thankfully, he was discovered at 7:00 am in the adjacent house. The perpetrator, Anthony, had been a long-time neighbor, but the family did not have much interaction with him.

The reason behind the kidnapping remains unclear. However, Anthony has been charged with multiple offenses, such as child stealing, deprivation of liberty, detaining a minor under 16, two counts of aggravated burglary, a disguise to commit a crime, and criminal damage. He will remain in custody until his court appearance scheduled for May.

Fabiano’s Father Was Proud of His Son’s Bravery

While his two sons were fighting for their lives, Steve Uzice, their father, was working about two hours away from home. Uzice, a father of two, admitted that watching the CCTV footage brought him to tears. “I look at my boy, how we see him fight the guy, and I am very proud of my son,” he shared. The incident left Uzice shocked as he never expected such a thing to happen in their small community.

As soon as he was informed about the incident, Steve Uzice, the father of James and Fabiano, hurried to the police station to comfort his sons. He reassured them that they were safe, and nobody could hurt them now that he was there.

Despite being understandably distressed, the brothers were in good spirits just hours after the harrowing experience, with James even smiling at the cameras from the car window.

“They’ve always been happy kids,” added Uzice, relieved to have his children safe and sound. Both boys were taken to the hospital for a general check-up, but fortunately, they were quickly released and able to return home.

Fabiano’s bravery was recognized by the authorities, and Inspector Kareene Santoro commended him for his quick thinking and actions that helped save his brother’s life. From fighting off the kidnapper to seeking help from an adult and raising the alarm, Fabiano displayed remarkable courage and presence of mind.

However, the ordeal was understandably traumatic for the young boy. Inspector Santoro acknowledged this and described the incident as “very traumatic.”

Following the harrowing experience, Uzice made sure to spend quality time with his sons and took them out for a fun day of quad biking near their home.

The forensic police collected statements from the boys and were interrogating the kidnapper to understand the motives behind the heinous crime.

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