Chuck Norris says he accepts daughter without DNA proof, after 26 years of unawareness

After 26 years, legendary actor Chuck Norris discovered the existence of a love child who bravely came forward to reveal the truth. Despite being unaware of her prior to this revelation, Chuck has chosen to embrace her with open arms, demonstrating his unconditional love.

Chuck Norris’s first marriage was to Dianne Holechek, whom he met in high school and fell deeply in love with. They exchanged vows in December 1958, just six months after graduating from North Torrance High School, where their romance had blossomed.

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Gena O’Kelley Norris / Facebook

During their 30-year marriage, Chuck and Dianne had two children, Mike (now 60) and Eric (now 57). Although the couple separated in 1988, Chuck still holds fond memories of Dianne and speaks highly of her. He acknowledges her unwavering support for his ambitions, even during times of financial hardship.

In a surprising turn of events revealed in a biography published in 2004, Chuck admitted to having an affair that resulted in the birth of a love child. He confessed to cheating on Dianne in 1962, the same year his daughter Dina Morris was born. Unbeknownst to Chuck, he remained unaware of Dina’s existence until she reached out to him in 1991, at the age of 26, claiming to be his biological daughter.

Chuck confessed to a brief affair with Johanna while serving in the United States Air Force in California. Their passionate encounter in the back of a vehicle led to Dina’s conception. Chuck expressed regret for not disclosing his marital status to Johanna at the time.

Despite warnings from her mother, Johanna, Dina was determined to establish contact with Chuck, and she did so. Chuck agreed to meet both Dina and Johanna, leading to an emotional and unforgettable encounter.

Chuck vividly recalls the first time he locked eyes with his daughter, describing how DNA or blood tests were unnecessary. Instead, he held her, and they both experienced a flood of tears. Instantly, a deep connection formed between them, and their bond has only grown stronger ever since.