Chris Pratt, once homeless and struggling with food, buys beloved mom a house after achieving fame

Chris Pratt’s upbringing was in a low-income family, with his mother, Kathy Pratt, working at a supermarket, and his father being a contractor. His mother always made an effort to make her children feel loved, while his relationship with his father was not ideal.

However, as an adult, Pratt has learned to appreciate the lessons his dad taught him. When he was 23 years old and a “well-paid” actor, he gave his mom a home, which was a significant purchase given his past struggles with homelessness and his family’s difficult times.

Growing up in Minnesota and then moving to Washington State, Pratt dropped out of community college to sell coupons for multi-level marketing. After his sales dried up, he moved to Maui to pursue his dream of becoming an entertainer. Despite facing hardship, he remained optimistic, recalling the period with warmth.

He worked as a waiter at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co. and eventually landed a role in “Cursed Part 3” after being spotted by actress and director Rae Dawn Chong. He then appeared in TV shows such as “Everwood” and “The OC” and made small appearances in films such as “Moneyball” and “Jennifer’s Body.”

Pratt’s big break came when he auditioned for the role of Andy Dwyer on “Parks and Recreation.” Co-creator Mike Shur was so impressed with his audition that they offered him a regular part, cementing his place as a fan favorite.

He then starred in major blockbusters such as “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World,” with the latter becoming his highest-grossing release. He attributes his acting ability to his mother and her ability to turn even the most mundane task into a show.

Pratt’s relationship with his father was complicated, with Dan Pratt diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when his son was in his thirties. Despite being a strong worker and problem solver, Dan’s confidence suffered, and he eventually gave up, causing his relationship with Pratt’s mother to fall apart.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014. Pratt admires how his father demonstrated his pride in his son in his own unique way and often feels he can still communicate with him through his profession.

Now, with three children of his own, Pratt values the lessons he learned from his parents and the sacrifices they made for him. His mother remains an important part of his life, and he attributes his success to her support and confidence in him.