Children’s Christmas play comically goes awry as one child steals “baby Jesus”: Unable to stop laughing

The Nativity tale is recreated each year as part of the festivities for Christmas. However, when little ones take part in these plays, it occasionally results in funny retellings of the Christmas Story. In one such humorous incident shared on Twitter, a small child who was portraying a sheep in the play can be seen changing the plot when she picks up the doll that symbolizes Baby Jesus from the crib. The doll is then moved around and played with by the child.

Image Source: Twitter/buitengebieden

When this happens, a second child, who is playing the role of Mary, Jesus’ mother, enters the scene and tries to take the doll away from the first child so that she can place it back in the crib. However, she is unsuccessful in her attempt because the child dressed as a cute sheep takes it back up and hugs it again. Near the end of the film, Mary engages in one more attempt to take the doll away from the child, which results in a struggle between the two of them. In the meantime, the laughter of the audience can be overheard in the background.

Within two days after being released, the video had amused over 2.7 million viewers online. The caption stated, “Can’t stop laughing,” and several Twitter users commented that they could relate.

“When Mary went all out gangsta on one of the sheep!” one person said. Another person said, “Cute! Surprised the whole set didn’t come crashing down towards the end.”

Image Source: Twitter/buitengebieden

While others couldn’t help but notice how much the play’s sheep resembled tiny pandas. One user posted, “What is the point of two panda bears?” Another added, “There were two pandas – and who was the saintly soul in blue who applied the headlock at the end?”

Another Christmas-related video shows a little youngster who is very eager to meet “Santa Claus” while shopping with her family at a Walmart in Teays Valley. The young child Sophie Jo couldn’t stop staring at a shopper wearing a red shirt because she thought he was Father Christmas. When she finally approached him and enquired about his identity as Santa, the compassionate stranger agreed to play along after realizing how much it meant to her. The small girl approached the man, who was actually a local shopper named Roger, and he knelt down to chat to her, as seen in a touching video of their conversation that was recorded by Sophie’s sister. He informs the young girl, “I’ve been told you’ve been a good girl this year.”  He then adds, “Wow, haven’t you got nice nails,” as she proudly displays her hands. Then he queries, “Are you getting ready for Christmas? Are you looking for a tree here?”  “Yes,” she answers, adding that it’s a big tree.

The kid’s sister then prods her, saying, “Tell Santa what you’re going to leave him.”  As soon as Roger heard this, he turned to Sophie and asked, “‘What are you going to put out for Santa this year?” The girl informs him with excitement that she would have cookies waiting for him at her place the night before Christmas. She clarifies, though, that Santa can only have one cookie and must divide the rest with Rudolph the reindeer.

The girl waves to Santa Claus and says “thank you” as the video footage comes to an end. Rogers wishes her a “happy Christmas” and informs his new acquaintance that he has “a lot of kids to buy for” before they part ways.