Children with Down syndrome are posed as Disney characters to highlight their stunning good looks

The photoshoot that a photographer from the United Kingdom did showing youngsters with Down syndrome dressed up as Disney princes and princesses has received a lot of praise.

Nicole Perkins, owner of Nicole Louise Photography, organized a photoshoot titled “Down with Disney” with the intention of honoring people with Down syndrome and bringing more attention to the condition. What are the results? To put it simply, they are just wonderful.

According to the reports, Nicole conceived of the idea while working in a school for children with special needs in addition to her career as a photographer. The successful combination of her worlds was the key to her fame to viral.

In an interview with Good Morning America, she stated: “The Down syndrome community is one of the kindest most welcoming communities I have ever met.”

“They are such beautiful special people and the world is a much better place with them in it.”

Following on from the “Down Right Beautiful” photoshoot that took place the previous year, in which the photographer Nicole highlighted 32 different infants, children, teenagers, and young people who were living with Down syndrome, she wanted to continue to promote awareness.

We are utterly enamored with Nicole’s creations. Both a celebration of kids with Down syndrome and incredibly moving content? If only more photographers would concentrate on subjects like this rather than being fixated on famous people.

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