Children find that a veteran and his wife are sleeping in the cold every night and come up with solution to help them

The heart of a child is often underestimated, but their resilience and compassion can lead to truly inspirational stories.

Recently, a group of elementary school students in Georgia proved just how big-hearted and amazing children can be by working together to build a tiny house for a veteran and his wife.

Navy veteran Eddie Browning and his wife Cindy were living in a camper that had been damaged by fire and were often cold during the winter months.

The students from Elm Street Elementary in Rome, GA, along with volunteers, constructed a tiny house for the couple and presented it to them at the Georgia Tiny House Festival.

The Brownings were overwhelmed with joy and were shocked to learn that the effort came from school children.

The students’ original tiny home was able to become a second bedroom for the couple, and with the help of donors, volunteers, and corporate sponsors, the tiny house was filled with amenities and made legally habitable.

The project was so successful that Elm Street Elementary School has decided to build a new house each year for a family in need.

As one student pointed out, “We just made a little tiny house, but now it turned into a huge house.” These children have shown that a small act of kindness can make an enormous impact.