Chad Ochocinco – NFL star, saved 80 percent of his budget by flying coach and wearing fake jewellery

He was charismatic but not materialistic.

A startling number of retired professional athletes face financial difficulties. Even though they earn a great deal of money, the average sports career is relatively brief: 3,3 years in the NFL, 4,6 years in the NBA, and 5,6 years in Major League Baseball. During this time, athletes frequently give money to those who have helped them along the way, and they may end up living extravagant, unsustainable lifestyles.

After retirement, the athlete is likely to earn significantly less money, and if they don’t adjust their spending, they’ll be in serious trouble.

Chad Ochocinco (legally Chad Johnson) revealed in a candid interview with NFL Hall of Famer and TV personality Shannon Sharpe that he saved 80 to 83% of the $48 million he made in the NFL by faking his lavish lifestyle because it made no sense to him.

On the field, the former Cincinnati Bengal, New England Patriot, and Miami Dolphin was known for being a diva, but off the field, he was financially conservative. He wore costume jewellery from Claire’s and prefers coach over first-class travel.

“I ain’t flying private. Put me on Spirit,” Ochocinco told Sharpe. “Exit row, window seat, that’s all I need. As long as I get from point A to point B. I don’t need private.”

His reputation spoke for itself, so Ochocinco did not need to project an image.  “If you can get to a point in your career where your name becomes bigger than anything you can purchase, there’s your value,” he said. “My name itself, Ochocinco, at one point, was bigger. We talk about watches and jewelry and chains—never bought real anything while I was playing. What was the point? I went to Claire’s.”

The former NFL wide receiver does not require an expensive watch to inquire about the time.

“Why am I buying a $50,000 watch? An $80,000 watch? What time is it real quick?” Ochocinco asked Sharpe. “How much that cost me? Time is free,” said Ochocinco.

He acknowledged that spending all your time and money trying to impress others is a futile endeavour that leads nowhere. People won’t listen because we are caught up in looking a certain way, living a certain way, and trying to appease those who don’t really care about you, just to say ‘Oh, I get it.’

He admitted that he provides his children with everything they need and allows them to indulge occasionally, but he wants them to understand the importance of living within their means.

He told Sharpe, “I allow the kids to enjoy, but I need them to understand there’s gonna come a time you’re gonna have to get off that payroll, but for right now, I will always be there for them,” he told Sharpe. “No matter what they want. Long as you don’t try to live a lifestyle that you know you can’t afford.”

Even though Ochocinco was a multimillionaire athlete and one of the most recognizable figures in sports, his message is applicable to nearly everyone. People should invest their time, effort, and finances in establishing a positive reputation for themselves, rather than squandering their resources on attempting to impress others.

Friends who only like you for your wealth will not be around for very long. However, your name endures forever.