Cellphone has a small button that’s very good when charging or sleeping, but few people care about it

The mobile phone has become an indispensable “friend” of many people. There is a button on the phone that is rarely used, but it can protect the health and life of the phone battery. Which button is that? Let’s find out in the article below.

Airplane Mode is a feature integrated on most smartphones, tablets and laptops today.

What is airplane mode?

There is an airplane button on the phone. When this mode is enabled, connections to Wifi networks, mobile data or Bluetooth are disabled. Simply put, when this mode is turned on, users will absolutely not receive or send any messages, calls or access the internet to surf the net or chat with relatives and friends… Instead, these features Basic functions or any task that does not require the use of the internet or mobile network will still work normally.

The unexpected use of airplane mode on phones

In addition to being useful when you’re in flight, Airplane Mode also offers the following unexpected benefits:

Save energy

Thanks to the ability to disconnect from mobile networks, Wifi, your mobile device can save quite a bit of battery to cut unnecessary tasks. This method is suitable for cases where you need to quickly charge the battery before we go out, or reduce the power of the phone when the battery is about to run out, and you forget to bring the charger.

Reducing radiation affects health

When going to bed at night, most people worry about radiation from electronic devices, some people are careful to turn off their phones and tablets before sleeping. However, frequent switching on and off causing the system to constantly reboot also causes some damage to the devices.

Instead, at night before going to bed, you can turn on airplane mode, cell phone radiation is minimized without affecting alarm and time viewing, making you more comfortable. when sleeping, have a good night’s sleep until morning.

Faster battery charging

It sounds unrelated, but in fact, Airplane Mode can shorten the time it takes to charge your mobile device. If you want to charge the battery quickly to be able to use the device, try this.

Improve concentration in work and study

Messages and notifications constantly pouring into your phone can make you more distracted in work and study. Therefore, you can turn on Airplane mode to not distract from work.

Reset network configuration

Sometimes people may experience a weak phone signal, no signal or loss of internet connection. At this point, turn on airplane mode for a while and then return to normal use mode. Airplane mode can reset the network in the phone, which is equivalent to restarting the phone but faster, so that the phone network can be restored.

Avoid being disturbed

Don’t want to be distracted by phone calls, texts, notifications, when sleeping or need a quiet space, turn on airplane mode. In case you read a book, or don’t want to be interrupted by calls and messages but can still surf the web, you can turn on airplane mode. At this time, the mobile phone signal will be off, not receiving calls or information from the incoming mobile network but can still connect to wifi normally.

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