Candace Cameron Bure fondly remembers late dog Boris: ‘Our hearts will never get over you’

Regardless of one’s status, the pain of losing a cherished pet is universally heart-wrenching. Even prominent celebrities are not immune to the sorrow that accompanies bidding farewell to their beloved dogs and cats.

Yesterday, Candace Cameron Bure, renowned for her role as D.J. Tanner in Full House and its sequel Fuller House, took to Instagram to share the poignant news of her dear dog Boris’ passing. Alongside this announcement, the actress penned a touching tribute to her loyal companion.

In the heartfelt post, Bure conveyed, “Life isn’t the same without you,” adding, “You will forever be with us in our hearts and memories – you brought us so much love, protection, and joy.” The sentiment continued as she reflected on Boris’ exceptional qualities, describing him as a “special boy” who etched indelible imprints upon their hearts.

To commemorate Boris’ presence throughout the years, Bure also compiled a poignant video montage. This visual journey captured the dog’s transformation from a tiny puppy to a steadfast companion, always by her side and intertwined with her family.

A cascade of condolences poured in from Bure’s colleagues and celebrity friends, each empathetically expressing their shared grief. Andrea Barber, who portrayed Kimmy Gibbler on Full House, conveyed, “Those sweet, beautiful eyes. Run free, Boris. You are so loved.” Danica McKellar, star of Wonder Years, extended her sympathies, while LeAnn Rimes conveyed her heartfelt comfort.

Boris had entered Bure’s life in 2015, arriving as a Rottweiler puppy. In a Facebook post from that year, Bure exuded excitement, sharing, “Oh my goodness, Boris has arrived!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get home and meet him!!!!!!”

Although Boris swiftly outgrew his puppy phase, evolving into the sizable presence Bure affectionately dubbed a “beast,” he remained a source of boundless joy for her and her family. Speaking about their connection, Bure revealed, “Boris makes my life better because he just loves me. He loves me on my good days and on my bad days,” underscoring the unwavering devotion that defines the human-animal bond.

“Boris could look like a big, mean, scary dog so we didn’t want to put a dog like Boris in the book,” Bure shared in reference to her third children’s book, “Candace’s Playful Puppy,” published in 2020. This book, revolving around a girl adopting a shelter puppy, offers a testament to the profound impact Boris had on her life, even if his likeness wasn’t explicitly depicted in its pages.

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