Cancer-stricken girl realizes her dream of becoming a police officer so she can “keep fighting the bad guys”

It affects all of us when a child is afflicted with a fatal illness; the injustice is intolerable.

Thankfully, there are kind people out there who put forth a lot of effort to enrich the lives of these kids.

Abigail Arias, a sweet 6-year-old, was found to have a kidney cancer in the form of a Wilms tumor.

Her parents were informed that the chemotherapy and radiation treatments had failed and she was running out of time. Their “weeks of crying”

However, this young child had lofty ambitions and yearned to join the police force to take on criminals. Recently, her wish was fulfilled.

For two years, Abigail has been battling cancer. The heartbreaking news that her treatment had failed was then delivered to her family after Christmas.

Her mother, Ilene Arias, told CNN affiliate KTRK that “they basically said it’s time to enjoy some life.” Extremely resilient. We sobbed for several weeks.

At the police department’s “Pancakes with Santa” event in December, Abigail first met Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey Jr. The girl mentioned during the meeting that she wants to work as a police officer when she grows up.

‘Inspiring young lady’

I wanted to fulfill her dream because of her wonderful smile and internal drive to keep up the fight against “the bad guys,” according to Garivey. According to CNN, he said, “You have to meet her to really understand what a great and inspiring young lady she is.

Garivey requested assistance from Cop Stop to have a unique Freeport uniform made just for Abigail, which they kindly donated.

Then, on February 7, Mr. Garivey took Abigail under oath to join the force and make a commitment to “keep fighting the bad guys.”