“Can I be your daddy?” the man kneels down and asks the fiancée’s daughter

One guy understood the importance of parents for children. He asked the daughter of his fiancée a question that would change her life, and she sobbed with her head on his shoulder as a result. The touching story spread like wildfire online, inspiring numerous people to share their own poignant tales.

Taylor Nally and Charlie had been together for nine years.  Charlie was overjoyed when her mom found love and got engaged. The small girl was unaware that she would receive her own proposal, though.

Thanks to her mother’s fiancé, tiny Charlie got the surprise of a lifetime in November 2022. Nally captured the precious occasion on camera and revealed how much it meant to her kid.

@taylornally1 For 9 years it’s been me and my baby. Well today we added our bestfriend to our family. Charlie got the dad she always deserved😍😭 #fyp #daddydaughter ♬ original sound – Taylor Nally

Although stepparents sometimes have a terrible reputation, a guy demonstrated that this wasn’t always the case. He didn’t get down on one knee to propose to his fiancée; instead, he asked her daughter two endearing questions. His fiancé captured the scene on camera.

The guy said: “So I got a really important question. Can you be my daughter? Can I be your daddy?”

Little Charlie was astonished and unable to speak. She only gave her soon-to-be stepdad a deep hug after giving him a simple nod of acceptance. The jewelry in the box received little consideration from her. She only wanted to be given a warm embrace by the man who would play a crucial part in her life.

It was a priceless moment that Charlie treasured dearly. The man made one more pledge: “I’ll love you forever, I promise. And I’ll take care of you and everything.”

The video wowed online users, and several of them claimed it brought tears to their eyes. Users likewise requested that Nally display the unique rings, and after hearing their pleas, she did so.

Charlie would love the beautiful pendant on a necklace forever because it represented her stepfather’s unwavering commitment to caring for her.

@taylornally1 Replying to @roniw4 ♬ original sound – Taylor Nally