California’s desert superbloom after spring rainstorms can be seen from space!

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2023 Superbloom – Youtube

Although the storms that hit parts of California this year were intense and even tragic, many people likely recalled the spring of 2019 and anticipated another unforgettable season. As it turns out, the current “Superblooms” across the state are so massive and vibrant that they can be viewed from space.

According to a scientist interviewed by the LA Times, there is no inherent definition of a Superbloom. Rather, they are a cultural phenomenon that occurs when humans determine that enough flowers have bloomed in a particular place at a particular time.

The LA Times reports that the California Department of Parks and Recreation has identified seven locations in Southern California where visitors can witness the ongoing Superbloom.

The blooms have already arrived and are expected to persist for roughly a month. Parks and Rec officials suggest that individuals who are out enjoying the wildflowers download the iNaturalist app to gain more information about each species.

By learning about a flower’s identity, relatives, emergence time, and coexisting species, individuals can develop a deeper appreciation and connection to the flower and the surrounding land, often without even realizing it.

Police officers show their hilarious dance moves inside an elevator
Satellite image – Twitter

Superblooms offer an ideal opportunity to recognize the duality of nature that makes the Great Outdoors so emotionally enriching. The fleeting nature of a flower’s beauty, the changing colors and eventual demise of autumn leaves – these all contribute to the beauty found in the brevity of life. Similarly, the stunning beauty of a Superbloom emerges from the necessity of multiple years of drought.

Police officers show their hilarious dance moves inside an elevator
Superbloom of purple – Youtube

When there is a scarcity of moisture, seeds from parent plants cannot germinate. However, seeds possess a miraculous trait and remain dormant for seasons until a replenishing and persistent rain triggers the germination of multiple years’ worth of seed at once.

If you’re looking for a fantastic day trip to witness a Superbloom, Red Rock Canyon State Park is an excellent place to start. It is situated east of Bakersfield and approximately 120 miles away from downtown LA. The canyons in the park are teeming with vibrant yellows and blues.