California Dollar General worker fired after hitting alleged shoplifter with car

The Dollar General cashier, who used her car to apprehend an alleged shoplifter, reveals that she has been terminated from her job following the circulation of the incident’s video footage, which gained significant online attention.

Jessie Sotto, the former Dollar General employee featured in the viral video, says that she is upset about being fired as she genuinely enjoyed her job. She believed she was a competent cashier who always prioritized the best interests of her former employer.

Having studied criminal justice in college, Jessie reveals that the alleged shoplifter had been a recurring issue at the Dollar General store in Fresno, CA. Despite previous warnings to cease stealing, the individual persisted in their illicit activities. Frustrated by the situation, Jessie reached a breaking point and resolved to personally intervene.

Doorbell camera footage shows the thief riding his bike blocks away from the store, when Jessie rolls into the frame, cutting the thief off and hitting him with the fender of her car.

The stolen items were scattered across the driveway of the home where Jessie knocked him off of his bicycle.

Jessie said the man walked out flowers, chips, donuts, bread, cheese, bologna as well as other items without paying for any of it. She chased him down and asked for the items back, which she says he refused to do and called her a “bitch.” So she followed with her car.

The thief threatened to press charges against Jessie, but she says in an interview that she hasn’t heard from the guy or the authorities since the incident.

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