Burglar Delays Home Robbery to Share Cozy Moment with Overly Friendly Family Dog

A suspected bicycle thief in California deviated from his alleged illicit activities to engage in a heartwarming interaction with the victim’s golden retriever, as captured by surveillance footage from the residence.

Taking an unexpected twist, just as the suspect was preparing to make his escape, he took a moment to share affectionate gestures with the household’s canine companion, who had ventured into the garage. The San Diego Police Department shared this unusual occurrence on its Facebook page.

In the late hours of July 15, an unidentified individual entered a garage situated in San Diego’s Pacific Beach neighborhood with intentions to purloin a valuable 2019 black Electra 3-speed bicycle. This distinctive bike holds an estimated value of $1,300, as reported by the police.

This is no ordinary bicycle; it boasts unique features, including ‘8-ball’ caps on the tire valves, an ‘8-ball’ logo embellishing the frame, and a rear wheel frame adorned with a distinctive checkered black and white pattern, as highlighted by the law enforcement agency.

However, just as the perpetrator is poised to make his getaway with the pilfered bicycle, the family dog makes an unexpected appearance within the garage, halting the suspect’s movements.

Disabled mom writes touching note after son carries her to flight seat
As the burglar is about to take off with the stolen bike the golden retriever appears and approaches him.
San Diego Police Dep/ MEGA

In response, the suspect reverses his action, maneuvering the bicycle back into the garage. He proceeds to deploy the bike’s kickstand before diverting his focus to the amicable canine. The surveillance video captures the suspect showering the dog with affectionate strokes and belly rubs.

“You’re so cool,” the man is heard telling the dog. “You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known. I love you, too. You’re a sweetheart.”

Disabled mom writes touching note after son carries her to flight seat
The burglar is seen hitting the stolen bike’s kickstand with his foot before he goes to pet the dog.
San Diego Police Department

Subsequently, the individual proceeds to vocalize a call for the dog’s “dad,” inquiring, “Where’s your dad?” while seemingly remarking that the owner “should not leave your garage open.” 

Despite this interaction, the suspect resumes his thieving endeavor by making off with the bicycle.

The San Diego Police Department provided a description of the suspect: a white male observed wearing a blue and white hat, a gray shirt, blue shorts, and orange athletic shoes. He was also noted to be carrying a backpack with black and blue coloring. These details were shared on the department’s Facebook page.

Disabled mom writes touching note after son carries her to flight seat
The burglary suspect can be seen embracing the friendly dog right before he leaves.
The San Diego Police Department

The suspect is still on the loose, and the police are urging the public to provide any tips they might have, no matter how minor.

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