Bully uses girl’s prom pictures to call her fat, but her boyfriend shuts them down with the sweetest tweet

In 2017, Madison and Tre Booker, who was her boyfriend at the time, celebrated their first year together. They marked the day with sweet messages and posts about each other on social media…

They had no idea that just a few weeks later, their relationship would be in the news, and that their social media accounts would be the subject of both hateful criticism and a lot of praise from a lot of people.

It all started when Madison tweeted a bunch of pictures from the prom night she and Tre went to. Madison wrote on Twitter, “Prom with the loml!” (That means “love of my life” if you’re not up-to-date on your texting terms.)

Madison thought that some of her friends would leave nice comments, but it was the comment from a stranger that really got to her.

Twitter Madison tweeted a screenshot of the hurtful message and wrote:’ ‘Don’t see how people can be so rude to people they don’t even know.”

The teenager didn’t know that her simple tweet would go viral. Twitter users from all over the world liked and complimented Madison and Tre’s prom pictures.

And that’s not all that’s cute. Madison and Tre are now married, and their story sounds like a real-life fairy tale!