Brother makes sister’s prom dress after learning that their parents couldn’t buy one

His sister wanted a fairy tale prom gown, but their parents couldn’t afford to purchase her one. So he made the decision to create her dress himself, using materials he could afford from the market.

Upon witnessing his younger sister’s desperation when not having a dress to attend the prom, Maverick Francisco Oyao made the decision to assist her by creating her own “Princess” prom dress!

This is a sketch of the dress. We can see that this older brother is so talented

The brother said: “This was my first day. I was nervous and didn’t know where to start. I cut out 9 pieces of blue fabric, decorated them with a satin ribbon, and sewed them all together to make a skirt”

The photographs show how challenging and time-consuming the creation process seems to be. But once everything was put back together, Maverick came up with an absolutely stunning dress!

With its enormous butterfly sleeves and exquisite skirt trimmings, the ball gown truly appears as it belongs in a fairytale.

What love for a sibling can achieve is truly magnificent. Because Maverick is such a remarkable and kind young man, his parents should be extremely proud of him. He was able to support his sister’s dream prom even though he only had little money and worked really hard.

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