Brother includes his sister with Down Syndrome as a bridesmaid in his wedding

Chris Garafola considers himself lucky to have an older sister, Brittany Garafola, who was exceptional in many ways.

The siblings formed a strong and deep friendship, paving the way for their future lives and touching all who heard their heartwarming story. Despite being just two years apart, their hearts were so inextricably linked that one couldn’t function without the other.

Chris regarded himself fortunate to have an elder sibling like Brittany, who always poured her love upon him, pushed him, and taught him timeless lessons, giving him many opportunities to become the greatest brother he could possibly be. Life had other plans for Chris, and he went on to meet Tatiana, the love of his life.

When Chris first met Tatiana, he realized he had to tell her about his elder sister and how much she meant to him.

The couple agreed that they wouldn’t marry until Brittany could be present, which could only occur if she got her COVID-19 shot. Brittany’s immune system was significantly more sensitive than others’ since she had Down Syndrome, putting her at higher risk.

After Brittany got her immunization, Chris and Tatiana postponed their wedding preparations for two weeks. Chris uploaded a video to YouTube and Instagram, in which he and his fiancée were seen FaceTiming with Brittany, informing her that she would be there on the big day, followed by another particular request – Tatiana asked if Brittany could be her maid of honor. Brittany erupted into floods of delight and excitement, and the couple surprised her with a one-of-a-kind ring to make the occasion even more special.

Chris, 33, married Tatiana, 30, in April 2021, with his gorgeous big sister, Brittany, 35, serving as maid of honor. The newlyweds said that they even surprised Brittany with a one-of-a-kind ring to make the occasion special. Chris described it as an emotional moment when he witnessed his sister burst into delighted tears, indicating her undying love and care for him.

Chris published a great article explaining Brittany’s significance in his life after their stunning images went popular online. The Garafolas are a wonderful brother-sister combo, and we’re confident they’ll always adore and cling to each other no matter what life throws at them.