Bride sells wedding dress to fund treatment after fiancé leaves due to her illness

The bride-to-be received devastating news of her terminal illness just before her wedding. Adding to her distress, her groom decided to leave her for good after learning about her diagnosis.

Lucero Pichardo had thought that preparing for married life would be a breeze. She decided to get a routine medical check-up before her wedding to make sure everything was in good health. With all the wedding details planned out and her wedding dress already prepared, she was ready to walk down the aisle and say her vows to commit to a life with her husband, “for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.”

Things Went South Quickly

Lucero’s routine medical check-up revealed an unexpected discovery – a cancerous tumor in her breast. Although devastated by the news, she was optimistic that her fiancé would be there to support her throughout her journey.

After receiving the cancer diagnosis, Lucero’s immediate response was to inform her fiancé, hoping that he would be a source of comfort and support. However, this turned out to not be the case.

Instead of standing by her side, the man chose to leave Lucero and refused to be a part of her battle against cancer. As a result, they called off the wedding.

She Decided to Sell Her Wedding Gown

Feeling lost and alone, Lucero was resolute in her decision to keep fighting. She took the difficult step of selling off many of her possessions, including her wedding dress and golf cart. In addition, she even began selling homemade cheese pies to help cover the exorbitant cost of her medical treatment.

Lucero faced even more challenges when she shared on Facebook that her father was also battling cancer. He was scheduled to undergo treatment for skin cancer, so Lucero was not only raising funds for herself but for her father’s treatment as well.

Focusing on Life Over Love

Although losing my partner was heartbreaking, I’m focused on moving forward and continuing to live my life.

Lucero acknowledged that losing her partner was devastating, but at this point, it was not a priority for her as she was focused on continuing to live and fighting her illness. She expressed:

“My partner left me when he found out about my diagnosis. However, today, that is no longer important. What really matters is getting the resources to cover my expenses.”

Lucero, in addition to selling her belongings and homemade cheese pies, is also employed as a waitress at a restaurant. Despite the challenges she faces, she is appreciative of her job and the steady income it provides.

Many have praised Lucero for her unwavering determination. Her Facebook post received over 2,000 comments and 16,000 shares, with people sending her messages of support and encouragement.

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