Bride gets on a plane so she can share her first dance with her sick grandpa

Natalie was aware that her grandfather would be devastated by the fact that he would be unable to dance with her at her wedding. Because of this, she decided to celebrate the happy event with him instead.

What sacrifices would you make for the people that you love about the most?

That was put to the test by a woman who needed to come up with alternative plans after learning that her grandfather would not be able to attend the wedding she was planning.

She didn’t let the obstacle prevent her from having a meaningful the moment with him.

Natalie’s wedding was in Virginia, and her grandfather was in Florida.

But that was not a problem. Even though her grandfather couldn’t come to her wedding in person, Natalie found a way for him to be there.

Even though her grandfather had planned to attend her wedding, he ended up not being able to.

He had a stroke two weeks before her wedding, which prevented him from traveling, and he was unable to attend.

Natalie made the decision to reenact her wedding day specifically for her grandfather.

Natalie boarded a plane to him after hastily gathering all of the items she would need for her wedding.

Natalie was prepared to make the moment memorable by doing her makeup in the terminal of the airport and transporting her wedding dress in a pink garment bag.

She took a video throughout the entire journey and uploaded it on Facebook so that her family and friends could see it afterwards.

Nelson, her grandfather, wore a costume as well.

It’s obvious that Natalie and Nelson were serious about this situation.

While Natalie arrived fully dressed for her wedding, complete with hair and makeup, Nelson wore a nice outfit of his own.

Police officers show their hilarious dance moves inside an elevator

The two were dancing and twirling with smiles on their faces.

All of this was done so that she may dance with her grandfather.

Police officers show their hilarious dance moves inside an elevator

Instead of the customary first dance that takes place at a wedding reception, this one occurred in her grandpa’s house, and was referred to as Natalie’s “First Dance.”

Natalie went to a lot of trouble to ensure that her grandfather was treated with respect and included in the celebrations that took place on the day of her wedding.

On her first Facebook post, a lot of people say good things about her:

“Natalie… you have always been a bright light with such a kind soul. This is such a sweet moment. Thanks for sharing. And congratulations on your wedding. I wish you many years of happiness❤️“

It is of the utmost importance to spend as much time as possible with the people you love, but how many of us can honestly say that we do this?

Police officers show their hilarious dance moves inside an elevator