Brave pizza delivery man  enters flaming house to save five children that are inside

Pizza deliveryman Nicholas “Nick” Bostic, 25, is from Indiana. At 2:30 a.m., he was out driving when he noticed a little fire emanating from a two-story house.

To get a closer view, Nick stopped and turned around. He then attempted to wave down a passing car but was unsuccessful.

Bostic entered the home by himself. The lights were still on, and it appeared like everyone had left the building.

Nick screamed one more before climbing the stairs when he noticed four individuals coming down.

The children’s parents, David and Tiera Barrett, have left the house to go on a date. Their 18-year-old daughter discovered the fire and called her siblings to escape.

However, when Nick was about to turn around and leave the house, the children said that a 6-year-old sibling was still trapped inside.

Nick hurried to the second level, inspecting every nook and cranny a child might possibly hide in.


He recalled: “Anywhere I could think. I mean, I was high-tailing it, 110%. It started to get hard to see, because the smoke was getting bad. … I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like I accepted I was going to probably die, right there, that night. But it was a weird calm. You just got to work as fast as you can.”

He then heard sobbing coming from the ground floor. Nick pulled his shirt up over his lips and closed his eyes since the smoke was making it difficult for him to see.

When Nick discovered the child, he held her up to his shoulder. He was trying to locate the front or back entrance but the smoke makes him unable to see until he looked above and noticed some light.


He discovered a bedroom on the second story and broke the window by repeatedly punching the glass. There was not any choice despite he did not know how high they were.

After jumping, Nick ended up landing on his right side. His arm, ankle, and behind were hurt. The little girl “was amazingly mostly unhurt” as a result of him absorbing the pressure for her.


At 12:36 in the morning, Nick brought the girl to a policeman. He enquired as to the girl’s wellbeing and requested oxygen.

He was taken to Lafayette’s Franciscan Health Hospital by the police after they tourniquet his bleeding arm.

Nick had significant smoke inhalation, and hitting the glass caused wounds to appear on his arm.

David and Tiera feel very grateful to Nick and the community for rescuing their children. Even David claims that Nick is now a member of the family, and that dinner plans will be arranged shortly.

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