Brave 8-year-old saves her baby sibling from being kidnapped

Three siblings were playing in the park next to their babysitter’s home in the small town of Sprague, Washington on a beautiful day in March 2015. Owen Wright, 22 months old, Brenden Wright, 10, and Delicia Wright, 8, were all playing happily without any signs of trouble.

After some time, a man with a suspicious look allegedly approached Delicia and her siblings; and attempted to have a friendly conversation with them. Delicia added, he also tried to befriend with the kids.

Yet the eight-year-old child was wise enough not to put her trust in a total stranger. She said she had a gut feeling that the man wasn’t as kind as he had tried to be.

Moments later, he grabbed her baby brother, Owen, and fled.

The kidnapper was captured on the security video of a local grocery store as he ran down the street carrying the baby boy. The same clip showed Delicia chasing after him. Not far behind was her older brother Brenden.

Delicia, Brenden, and Owen with their parents. | Source via News

Delicia told ABC News: “I thought he was trying to kidnap him. I ran and screamed.”

Two passersby heard the shouting of the duo and decided to give a hand. Finally, the Wright siblings received assistance from the community, and one of them made a 911 call.

One caller told the dispatcher during a 911 call “A man grabbed a two-year-old baby child, and was running with it. The little kid started screaming.”

After hearing the children’s cries for help, the two teens started chasing after the kidnapper. The abductor panicked, dropped the young boy in an empty lot, and fled the scene after realizing that his actions had attracted the notice of so many nearby people.

The culprit was identified by police as a 15-year-old Sprague boy. He allegedly faced a second-degree kidnapping allegation.