Brad Paisley has been married with his wife for 19 years and keeps a diary of most cherished memories

There is a good chance that you are familiar with the name of country music superstar Brad Paisley, regardless of whether or not you are a lover of country music.

However, were you aware that he is married to the well-known actress Kimberly Williams?

The couple has been married for 19 years and has two children together; nonetheless, their love for one another has not diminished in the least.

In point of fact, Brad had known Kimberly for quite some time before she had even come across his name.

Kimberly is an actress with a long list of triumphs under her belt; the famous Steve Martin comedy “Father of the Bride” was the very first movie she appeared in.

Source: Youtube – CountryFancast

In 1991, when the film was initially released, Brad was just a young man living in West Virginia who had aspirations of being a country music star.

He went on a date to watch the movie, and while there, he found himself developing a strong attraction to Kimberly Williams, the actress who played Steve Martin’s daughter in the film.

When “Father of the Bride 2” was finally released four years later, Brad immediately realized that he had to talk to Kimberly.

Source: Youtube – CountryFancast

During this period, Brad was beginning to make a name for himself in the country music world.

When it came time to film a music video for one of his songs, Brad was clear in his mind about who he wanted to play the role of his counterpart in the video.

He reached out to Kimberly to ask her, and as the two talked and connected more with one another, Brad not only convinced her to be in his video but also convinced her to go on a date with him.

After going out together for some time, the couple eventually tied the knot and made their home together.

They have two boys together, whose names are William Huckleberry and Jasper Warren, plus a large number of pets that they all enjoy on their gorgeous home in Nashville, Tennessee.

The couple, who have both moved away from the public eye in recent years, are both very involved in the endeavor of elevating their community and have just just created a grocery shop that is not for profit.

However, this is not your typical grocery shop because none of the items have a price tag attached to them.

People from the neighborhood are able to shop for the necessities of daily life at this establishment, which is simply referred to as “The Store,” and do so without the burden of worrying about whether or not they will be able to afford the items they purchase.

Both Brad and Kimberly have very strong senses of civic responsibility, and they desired to contribute in some way to the society in which they live.

The pair is in complete agreement that open and honest communication is the single most crucial factor in the success of their relationship. As well as comedy!

They are able to maintain a lively and humorous relationship with one another by doing things such as writing humorous notes to one another and playing practical jokes on one another. For example, Kimberly played a practical joke on Brad by tying him up at the beginning of the pandemic in order to get some peace.

The happy couple has lately begun a lovely new custom, which is that on the occasion of their anniversary, each year, they will record all of the significant events that took place throughout the preceding year on a piece of paper.

Source: Youtube – CountryFancast

They also highlight some of the things that made them chuckle throughout the year in every one of their annual reviews.

They have expressed their belief that maintaining a sense of humor, being able to laugh at oneself, and remaining unoffended when others laugh at one is what has contributed to their continued success as a couple.

And it must work because, despite having been together for 19 years and having two children, the pair is still as head over heels in love with each other as they were when they first met on the set of Brad’s music video.