Brad Paisley cherishes every year spent with his ‘Goddess’ wife of 19 years

Two of the most inspiring couples in the entertainment industry are singer and songwriter Brad Paisley and his gorgeous wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

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The pair has been married for 19 years and remains utterly in love. In recent months and years, Brad has been transparent about his long-term connection with Kimberly. One of these happened in May 2022, just two months after his 19th wedding anniversary, on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Brad quipped that his long-term marriage is like “ten minutes underwater” in a talk with the show’s host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres.

The country music star revealed his one-of-a-kind present for his wife on their 19th wedding anniversary, a stool shaped like a big corn cob, after his humorous marital description. When a photo of the stool was displayed on a widescreen, Brad made fun of it by saying, “Cause nothing says stool like an ear of corn.”

Brad made it obvious that Kimberly didn’t hate the anniversary gift despite the fact that many others thought it was unusual because she had a great sense of humor. A key component of their connection is that they must be able to laugh together.

The Hollywood stars like spending time together, in addition to making each other happy. In 2021, the actress revealed that she and her husband had a lovely tradition that they observed on their wedding anniversary.

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Kimberly asserts that she and Brad have a special diary in which they list the highlights of the previous year. They have their finest hits, she also conceded. It’s a key part of their connection that they record the priceless moments and the best laughs, stressing laughter and preserving a sense of play.

Thankfully, Brad and Kimberly’s tradition has kept the two of them together. Despite having been together for more than 20 years, the pair still coos over one another around significant occasions.

On September 14, 2022, Kimberly turned 51, and the singer remembered the occasion with a heartfelt tribute. On Instagram, Brad posted a picture of the actress and him hugging and grinning from ear to ear.

In the message, the Grammy winner wished Kimberly a happy birthday and described her as the “love of his life” and an “amazing queen.”

Without a question, Brad loves to laud the “Father of the Bride” actor whenever he has the chance. But it wasn’t he who had started their relationship. The details are as follows.

Despite the fact that Brad and Kimberly didn’t meet until 2001, they had been acquainted for ten years prior to that.

In 1991, Brad, who was 19 at the time, went on a date with a local girl to see “Father of the Bride,” which featured Kimberly in her feature picture debut.

The singer, who was 23 at the time, went to watch the sequel to the movie when it was released four years later. Brad didn’t have a date because the last local woman had opted to go out with his best friend.

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The country music icon therefore watched the movie by himself, but this time he focused on Kimberly since he thought she was “clever, humorous, and a lovely girl.”  Five years later, Brad decided he needed a music video made and thought the actress would be perfect.

His initial call to Kimberly quickly turned into a series of calls over a short period of time. When Kimberly immediately invited the singer out to dinner when Brad informed the actress that he would soon be in Los Angeles, the singer eagerly accepted.

The two soon went on their first date and developed a loving connection. Six months into their relationship, Brad was convinced that Kimberly was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

At the Venice Beach Pier in Los Angeles, he proposed to the actress. On the Pepperdine University campus in Malibu, California, the couple got hitched nine months later, in March 2003.

Two pastors from the couple’s congregations reportedly officiated during the wedding. Brad and Kimberly don’t seem to be regretting their decision to say “I do” 19 years ago.

William Huckleberry and Jasper Warren, the celebrity couple’s two children, are the pride of their parents. William Huckleberry, who was given the pen name “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, was born in the wee hours of February 22, 2007, in Nashville.

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Two years later, on April 17, 2009, Jasper Warren—named for his paternal great-grandfather—joined the family. He was born nine pounds, ten ounces. Since the boys came, Brad has been very clear about his intentions to provide them with a regular existence.