Brad Paisley and his wife teach their kids kindness feeding people in need

Brad Paisley has always had a high moral code. He started singing in hospices when he was eight years old to help people recover, and now that he is older, he runs a grocery store with his wife where they provide free food to the needy.

Brad Paisley’s first taste of fame came when he was eight years old and became famous in Glendale, West Virginia. It all started one Sunday at his hometown Methodist Church when he sang “Life’s Railway To Heaven”

After that, word of his talent spread quickly, and he was soon the most talked about eight-year-old in the neighborhood. In the years that followed, he received invitations from various parts of town, including community groups, nursing homes, and even hospitals.

He went to a hospital one day and saw an elderly woman who only responded with a “OK” One of the hospital’s employees told Paisley what the lady’s favorite song was, and when he began playing and singing it, the woman changed instantly.

Until that point, she would only respond with “OK” to every question. But when Paisley sang, she joined him in softly singing the song. Paisley realized how powerful music could be when it came to healing when she sang every word.

Paisley and his wife, Williams, have demonstrated to the world that, despite growing up with opposing values, they can learn to coexist, as evidenced by their happy family. The couple has wonderful children and a successful career, but that is not all.

This family enjoys doing good for those around them as well. They run “The Store,” a grocery store where the less fortunate can walk in and get groceries for free; the idea began on Thanksgiving Day, when they decided to teach their children that there were others suffering in the world.

They took them to Unity Shoppe grocery store in Santa Barbara, California, and immediately delved into helping the staff there take care of daily business, like checking people out and packing rice in bags.

That day, they all left with many lessons, which led to the establishment of their own grocery store. They’ve now delivered enough free food to feed nearly 1.3 million people, and their entire family was among the 3500 volunteers who helped in the first year.

The Store opened around the time the pandemic began, so they had to convert to a pick-up service for families and grocery deliveries to the elderly.

Paisley and Williams were adamant about maintaining the process they witnessed with their children at Unity Shoppe while putting the store together.

Williams believes that allowing the less fortunate to choose what they want from the aisle eliminates any resentment that may have arisen as a result of handing out pre-picked items.

She and her husband believe that what they do is in some ways their family’s legacy, and they have shown no desire to stop. A family that gives together stays together, after all.

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