Boy’s unblinking staredown with camera captures the internet’s attention

In 2016, Sammy DiDonato, the 10-year-old from Omaha, has become an internet sensation with an astounding 18 million views (and counting) of his video from the College World Series.

During Coastal Carolina’s game against TCU, Sammy stole the show despite it being Coastal Carolina’s first trip to the CWS. Sitting right behind their dugout, Sammy’s reaction caught the attention of the camera and captured the hearts of viewers.

Excited about the seats his mom got him, Sammy was taken aback when he noticed the camera focused on them earlier in the game. He had a feeling it might happen again, so he was ready. Sammy delivered a little shoulder “shimmy” and showcased some impressive eyebrow game, all of which contributed to his now-viral moment.

With his infectious enthusiasm and charm, Sammy’s video has become a delightful highlight of the College World Series, proving that even the youngest fans can make a significant impact on and off the field.

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Sammy’s hilarious antics during the College World Series game brought joy not only to the viewers but also to the announcers, who erupted in laughter at his adorable shoulder “shimmy” and strong eyebrow game.

Sammy’s mom, Trish, confessed that she missed most of her son’s amusing performance. Her attention was fully focused on the game itself, and she wasn’t aware of the entertainment Sammy was providing for the viewers at home.

Nevertheless, the heartwarming moment captured on camera has now brought smiles to millions of people worldwide, making Sammy’s CWS experience truly unforgettable for both him and his family.

“I just tried to start dancing a little bit because it kept looking at me,” Sammy said.

“That’s just his personality and it’s all him,” his mom laughed.

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