Boy used an umbrella keeping the elevator open to wait for his father and the ending scared many people

Some mechanical transportation devices may become very terrifying when they break down.  If you become locked in an elevator, it may quickly turn into a dangerous space.

One kid in Jiangxi Province in eastern China had to discover it the hard way.

This young boy in Fuzhou City was keeping the door open for his father for a while when he suddenly found himself in some trouble.


The young child was growing weary of putting his finger on the button while keeping the door open and waiting for his father.

He exits the apartment and scans the hall, but his father is still nowhere to be seen. He is clutching a little collapsible umbrella in addition to a sizable Spiderman backpack. With his umbrella hanging over his shoulder, he exudes such a carefree air. This poor young guy’s carefree attitude won’t last for very long.


He presses the button for a time before having an intelligent thought.

Or perhaps not so intelligent. The youngster lets the door close over the umbrella handle in the vain hope that the umbrella’s pole will activate the lever to hold the door open. However, the door only totally shut.


The true danger arises when the elevator starts to descend after the doors have fully closed.

As the elevator starts to drop, the umbrella flies upward until it becomes jammed at the top of the door. The kid releases his hands barely in time, or else he too will hit the ceiling. Fortunately, he is not launched skyward as the umbrella rips from his grasp.


The child is aware that he is in trouble now…

Naturally, the young boy starts to become anxious. He starts furiously hitting buttons in an attempt to reverse the elevator since he is unsure of what to do. But the doors won’t open and the elevator is quickly trapped on the 25th level.


Our guy continues to worry and becomes desperate.

With his bare hands, he tries to force the doors open. Needless to say, that was unsuccessful. Perhaps that would have succeeded for the actual Spiderman, but not so much for our timid kid. He shouts and pounds on the door frantically, pleading for assistance. He could only hope that a rescue team would soon be able to assist him because it appears that he has no direct contact with anything outside of his metal cage.


The door was eventually unlocked, allowing the youngster to escape. For a young man, this must have been a scary experience. One thing is certain: I’m sure his father regretted not being present at the moment. The good news is that he was eventually liberated, was unharmed, and the only thing that was hurt was the little umbrella.

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