Boy recalls details of past life as WWII pilot after dreaming of a plane crash

In 2002, two-year-old James Leininger had a nightmare about a plane crash, which led him to experience memories and dreams of being a World War II fighter pilot named Lieutenant James McCready Huston.

According to his mother, Andrea, Leininger had no prior knowledge of planes, but he would shout out about a plane crash in his sleep, kick, and point at the ceiling.

His parents began to believe that he had reincarnated after he mentioned flying a Corsair from a boat called the Natoma during World War II. His father, Bruce, did some research and discovered that a small carrier called the Natoma Bay was part of the Battle of Iwo Jima, and its pilot was Lieutenant Huston.

Leininger’s grandmother suggested meeting a therapist who believes in reincarnation, and with her help, he was able to articulate his past.

His parents eventually wrote a letter to Lieutenant Huston’s sister, Anne Barron, and she believed that Leininger was the reincarnation of her brother. However, Professor Paul Kurtz of the State University of New York at Buffalo thinks that the parents are “self-deceived.”

As Leininger grows older, his memories are fading, but he still treasures a bust of George Washington and a model of a Corsair aircraft that were sent to him by Barron. His parents say that their feelings towards him have not changed.