Boy is removed from diving board by lifeguard after he refuses to descend

In an incident that took place in Austria, a lifeguard seemingly growing impatient due to a busy diving board, took an unconventional approach to handle the situation. He used his feet to forcibly remove a diver from the board’s edge.

Many of us can likely relate to that surge of fear when standing at the top of a lofty diving board – a sensation that might have been particularly heightened during childhood.

Taking that leap off the diving board’s edge requires considerable courage, and sometimes it takes time to gather the resolve to do so. However, in this particular scenario, having a specific lifeguard nearby changed the dynamic entirely.

A video captured in Austria depicted a young man hesitating at the top of the diving board, gripping the barriers surrounding the platform, clearly struggling with his nerves about taking the plunge into the water below.

The determined lifeguard refused to let the apprehension obstruct the situation. Employing his leg, he gently pushed the hesitant individual closer to the edge until the person could no longer hold on.

The aftermath of the incident remains unclear, leaving uncertainty about how the young man felt after being nudged into the water. Witnesses have reported that the lifeguard’s intervention came after the individual declined two separate lifeguards’ requests to descend from the ledge.

The authority overseeing the swimming pool, Steyrer Stadtbades, confirmed that the lifeguard featured in the video was indeed their employee and acknowledged his action of guiding the individual off the platform.

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The lifeguard didn’t stop until the man was off the ledge. Credit: Facebook/Gabi Kwiatkowski

“SBS will do everything they can so that the Steyrer in the future can bring an enjoyable and comfortable time at Steyrer Stadtbad,” the authority said in its statement.

“A lifeguard’s job is to ensure the safety of customers. Therefore it is very regrettable that the lifeguard was involved with the fall.”

“We are doing all we can to be clear of the circumstances.”

SBS (Steyrer Stadtbades), the organization responsible for the pool, has held discussions with individuals present at the pool during the incident. They have extended apologies for the “lapse in judgment” exhibited by the involved lifeguard.

Reports from Austrian publication OÖNachrichten suggest that internal inquiries are currently ongoing within the company. The lifeguard in question has taken a leave of absence from work in the aftermath of the incident.

Local authorities have also initiated their own investigation into the circumstances surrounding the event.

Although the precise date of the incident captured in the video remains uncertain, the footage was shared on Facebook earlier in the week and has since amassed over 28,000 views.

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