Boy compliments his military mother during football practice, not realizing she is there behind him

During football practice, a military mother surprised her son. On social media, the heartwarming video is causing many to cry. 

The football player was praising his mother’s diligence to his teammates and coaches when she surprised him. It’s touching to see how much he values his mother’s military service. He’s heard saying to his teammates, “In my family, somebody that I respect, there’s a lot of people, but I would say that it is my mom because she’s been gone for almost a year serving in the military and she works hard. I know what she doesn’t know, she’s a hard worker.” 

Little did the small child realize that his mother was standing behind him as he continued to praise her. She listened to the boy the entire time without his knowledge.

She walks to the front and stands directly behind him as he mentions his mom as his role model, and you can see the joy on her face. His mother taps him on the back as soon as he finishes talking. He turns around at that point and sees his mother. When he scoops her up and hugs her, he can be seen beaming with joy.

The sight of returning service members to their families causes a lot of emotion. The video was reshared by GoodNews Movement with captions “Mom came home early from deployment and surprised her son at football practice… I love that before the surprise, he was telling the team what his mom meant to him.”

It is difficult for many children of service members to be separated from their parents for extended periods of time. Children may have an extremely challenging time adjusting when one of their parents is required to report for active duty. It’s possible that some children won’t understand why their parents have to leave, while others will be concerned about their parents’ wellbeing. Some children may even harbor resentment against a parent who moves out. According to MCEC’s research, there are 1.76 million children and teens living in military households in the United States. It was shown that children who came from military homes had a significantly higher prevalence of mental health issues. Children who grow up in a military family can experience a great deal of mental strain as a result of the frequent moves and frequent deployments. Approximately one in four children had evidence of clinical depression, and one in five children struggled academically. One child out of every five had difficulty adjusting to the prolonged absence of both of their parents due to military service.

Since being uploaded to the website two days ago, the video has received in excess of 2.1 million views. The post has garnered a number of likes and comments from users. 

The post has garnered a number of likes and comments from users. 

“I’m crying like a little baby right now,” another wrote.

“Joyous moments like this is what we need to see more on social media platforms.😍♥️”