Bond between this baby and his swim lesson instructor sets the standard for friendship

An adorable friendship between a baby and his swim lesson instructor has captured the hearts of many on TikTok, propelling them to viral fame.

Tracey Martorana made the decision to enroll her son, Lucas, who is now ten months old, in group swim lessons at Saf-T-Swim in Wantagh, New York, when he was just three months old. Little did she know that Lucas would quickly form a special connection with one particular swim instructor, Carlson Rogers. Since then, Lucas has been having private lessons with Carlson once a week.

“Being a pandemic baby, our social circle is quite small,” Martorana shared. “Lucas knows his grandparents, immediate family, and then there’s Carlson. Carlson has become an integral part of our lives.”

Martorana expressed her belief that Carlson is the perfect instructor for Lucas because he is adaptable and never pushes him too hard. If Lucas becomes upset during a lesson, Carlson allows him some time to calm down. However, if Lucas starts splashing and having fun, Carlson happily engages in playtime with him.

“I absolutely love watching their relationship,” Martorana remarked. “Despite being a big, strong man, Lucas adores hugging and holding onto Carlson.”

During one of Lucas’s recent swim lessons, Martorana captured a heartwarming moment between the pair and shared it on TikTok. The video quickly gained attention, with the comment section filling up with adoration for Carlson.

“The response has been absolutely delightful. Everyone is smitten with Carlson,” Martorana said. “I think it resonated with people because it demonstrates that love knows no boundaries.”

Martorana added that Lucas’s love for the water is thanks to his wonderful swim instructor, Carlson Rogers. The heartwarming bond between Lucas and Carlson continues to bring joy to many, proving that the connection between a baby and his instructor can transcend the swimming pool and touch the hearts of people everywhere.

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