Body of Maine schoolboy, 14, found after going missing for about a week

Theo Ferrara was the joy of his mother’s life and was adored by his family and friends. The 14-year-old went to Freeport High School and lived with his family in Freeport, Maine.

The teenager was popular and was usually seen spending time with his family. Everything in his life seemed normal up until the day he failed to come home. His terrified mother immediately reported him missing to authorities.

Facebook/Mia Kulla Ferrara

On September 22, 2022, Theo left his home with his blue suitcase, but he never came back. His mom, Mia Kulla Ferrara, called the police and informed her Facebook friends and family of the situation. She said that their kid was last seen leaving Freeport on Flying Point Road in the direction of Brunswick at 4:30 p.m.

The terrified mother requested that anybody with information on her child contact her via phone. The police departments in Freeport and Brunswick, as well as several other local agencies, began a cooperative search for Theo at the same time.

After the extensive search, Mia had hoped that her child would be discovered. She wished for his safety while relying on the help of the authorities, volunteers, friends, and family for their assistance. Theo is loved by his family, and they want him to get back home safely.

Theo was gone for five days before the authorities finally got their big break. Authorities tried to save the nameless person after a body near Bunganuc Point was found by a Marine patrol plane.

The body was found and transferred to the Maine Medical Examiner’s Office, where Ferrara was identified, according to the Freeport Maine Police Department. The confirmation broke Mia’s hopes as she lamented the death of her son.

Facebook/Freeport Maine Police Department

The police department commended all neighborhood organizations that took part in the search and pleaded with people to give the Ferrara family space to process their devastating loss. Theo Ferrara was discovered dead this afternoon, according to Regional School Unit 5 Superintendent Jean Skorapa, who sent this message with a heavy heart to let everyone know.

In addition, after learning of Theo’s untimely passing, the educational system set up a support program at Freeport High School for students and instructors who needed counseling. The educational system was fully aware that certain students could experience anxiety as a result of such situations.

Superintendent Skorapa urged parents to engage their children in conversation about what transpired and to answer their questions. Additionally, he advised them to contact the school if their child needed additional support during this difficult time.

Facebook/Mia Kulla Ferrara

As soon as the authorities identified Theo’s corpse, the school staff was informed of his passing. The institution was filled with anguish as the terrible news spread. 17-year-old Adian Morley said, “It’s just sad.” Everyone is in tears as they leave the school.

A drop-in center with free food and pets was set up in the canteen at Freeport High School when social workers from the school district arrived to ease tensions.

The social workers tried their utmost to interact with the students, understand their feelings, and offer coping skills. The only people with whom the kids felt comfortable revealing their emotions were their friends, said social worker Nancy Rochat.