Blind pit bull regains eyesight and lays eyes on beloved foster parents for the very first time

Few things bring me more joy than witnessing neglected or abused animals getting a second chance at life. The heartwarming story I am about to share has left me feeling exactly that.

Every dog deserves to experience safety and love throughout their lives, but unfortunately, not all of them get that opportunity. One such dog was Hazel, a pit bull who was abandoned by her owners in May 2020 and found herself at Mr. Bones & Co. and Rescue the Runway in a terrible condition, suffering from multiple injuries.

Hazel, estimated to be eight to nine years old, was emaciated and on the verge of losing her life due to diabetes. Her life had been a challenging one, including backyard breeding and blindness caused by juvenile diabetes. Despite her hardships, Hazel displayed immense strength and resilience, capturing the hearts of the staff at Mr. Bones & Co. and Rescue the Runway.

Fortunately, kind-hearted individuals came forward to provide temporary care for Hazel until she could find her forever home. Elli and Sam, her foster parents, stepped in and created a safe environment tailored to Hazel’s visual challenges. They devised a system of sound cues and signals to help her navigate her surroundings and prevent accidents.

Under Elli and Sam’s loving care, Hazel gradually adapted and made remarkable progress. She began wagging her tail and playing without injuring herself, all thanks to the secure and nurturing environment provided by her foster parents.

As Hazel’s journey continued, she found her next set of foster parents, Allison and Pete, in the summer of 2020. Their role was similar to that of Hazel’s previous foster parents, but with a significant difference. They witnessed a truly miraculous event – Hazel regained her sight after undergoing bilateral cataract surgery with artificial lens implantation. The surgery was successful, and Hazel’s world transformed as she could now see.

The moment Hazel laid eyes on Allison and Pete for the first time after her surgery was an incredibly emotional one. From that point on, Allison diligently cared for Hazel’s post-surgery eye care, administering necessary eye drops and using treats to make the process more enjoyable.

A few months later, Hazel found her forever home with a loving family from Massachusetts. Onalie, John, and their canine brother, Cooper, welcomed Hazel into their lives, where she is now “living her best life,” according to the rescue center.

Stories like Hazel’s remind us of the power of compassion, resilience, and the transformative impact that love and proper care can have on an animal’s life. It fills my heart with joy to know that Hazel’s journey has brought her to a place of safety, happiness, and belonging.

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