Blind dog stabbed in standoff fully recovers, finds new home

The level of cruelty some individuals can exhibit towards animals can be heart-wrenching. In a distressing incident, a gentle and blind dog endured multiple stab wounds during a confrontation, pushing her to the brink of survival.

However, a ray of hope emerged after an arduous journey of recuperation. The sweet dog’s fortunes took a positive turn.

Towards the end of April, law enforcement was called to a domestic altercation involving a father and son in Lenoir City, Tennessee. The son, identified as Darian Farley, not only posed threats to his father but also targeted the family’s canine companion.

Named Selah, the family’s rescue dog was blind, had a single eye, and struggled with lockjaw. Fueled by envy over the family’s attention towards Selah, Farley resorted to a vicious act, repeatedly stabbing the defenseless dog. Due to Selah’s physical limitations, she couldn’t fend off the assault.

Police intervened, and after a tense standoff, a police K-9 successfully apprehended Farley. He faced charges of aggravated assault and animal cruelty. Despite initial reports indicating Selah’s demise, she managed to survive and was swiftly transported to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center for urgent medical care.

Selah’s path to recovery began, and Kayla Jenkins, who had previously fostered Selah, stepped in once again to provide care.

Recalling the critical moment, Kayla shared, “I hadn’t spoken to them in probably about a week or two and they called me probably around 7 that night and I knew something was wrong.”

During those early days, the situation remained precarious, but Kayla’s vigilance and Selah’s resilience shone through. “That night was pretty touch and go,” she recounted. “She is still alive. She is getting better slowly. She has had, I think two blood transfusions so far.” She added that Selah had managed to regain mobility and was progressing well.

After months of determined recovery efforts, Selah, now lovingly referred to as Jules, was put up for adoption earlier in the month. The Young Williams Animal Center in Knox County took on the task of finding a suitable forever home for this special dog.

Then, on August 19, a heartwarming announcement was made: Jules had found her forever family. The Young Williams Animal Center joyously exclaimed, “The future is looking so bright for Jules… This sweet girl finally found her furever home today!” They extended their warm congratulations to Jules and expressed their immense happiness for her.

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