‘Best Santa ever’ gets down on the floor so a blind boy can feel him for the first time

Because of the generosity of Santa Claus, a young kid from Watauga, Texas, who was blind, was able to have a wonderful Christmas. He and the man in the red suit enjoyed a moment together that he knew he would never forget.

Misty Wolf is a wonderful mother who, similar to the majority of other parents, wants nothing but the best for her child. Matthew Wolf, when he was just a child, did not have an easy beginning to his life.

He was just 24 weeks along when he was born, and he ended up spending more than 100 days in the NICU. Matthew might not ever talk or walk again, according to the doctors, and his twin brother did not make it. On the other hand, God had a lot of amazing miracles prepared for him!

The Unanticipated Actions of Santa

The mother of Matthew, who was blind and was diagnosed with autism, was aware that life would not always be simple, and she was grateful for even the little moments of joy she shared with her autistic and visually impaired son.

In December of 2018, after she had informed Santa of her son’s health, he surprised her with unexpected actions.  She was completely taken aback by his actions and had no idea how he would react. Even though Matthew was unable to visit Santa, a much more exciting event was on the horizon.

The Experience That Will Never Be Forgotten at Christmas

When Santa found out that Matthew was blind, he didn’t waste any time before he sat down on the floor to be closer to him. This action exemplifies the qualities of a truly compassionate and kind Father Christmas.

The gentleman who was dressed in a red suit greeted the young kid with enthusiasm and allowed him to tug on his beard while they conversed together. Santa Claus gave the child a description of his red coat and allowed him to touch and feel it in whatever way he desired.

Matthew felt as though he had won the lottery after the encounter, and Misty was filled with wonder as she watched the events unfold. She detailed a pivotal experience that she would never be able to forget:

“[Santa] asked Matthew if he wanted to feel anything, and Matthew said, ‘your eyes that twinkle,’ (from the poem ’twas the night before Christmas). So, Santa let him touch all over his eyes for as long as Matthew wanted.”

The Best Santa Ever

Santa wasn’t done bestowing upon little Matthew the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just yet. After that, he continued to surprise the child by asking him an unusual question about a reindeer. He hurriedly rushed Matthew to their display area while he wondered whether or not Matthew had ever actually touched a live reindeer.

The young child delighted at the opportunity to pet the taxidermy reindeer, and his mother could see from his face that he was filled with wonder and excitement. Misty captured the touching event on her phone and uploaded it to Facebook, where she referred to the merry old man as the “best Santa ever.”

In 2021, three years after their first encounter, Matthew and Santa Claus met again, and this time, Matthew’s younger sister Lilly was there to join in on the magical occasion. Santa became emotional as a result of the amazing moments he shared with the children, and he later conveyed to everyone that his heart was full before wishing them a happy Christmas.

Santas have the ability to grant children’s wishes and make their dreams come true. It is not always the giving of gifts by them that creates delight; sometimes it is the actual love and generosity that they show toward others. Congratulations to this Santa from Texas!  He is one of a kind!