Behold Titan submersible as it is brought ashore in Canada for the first time

After the tragic implosion that claimed the lives of all five passengers aboard the deep-sea tour of the Titanic, the first glimpse of the ravaged remains of the ill-fated Titan submersible was revealed on Wednesday, ten days later.

Chunks of the submersible, significantly damaged, were carefully lifted ashore by a crane from the recovery ship that had recently docked in Canada.

Despite efforts to conceal it, photographs seemed to capture the wreckage’s twisted electronics, along with the unmistakable circular window of the nose cone, as reported by Canada Press.

The retrieval of the debris was carried out by Pelagic Research Services, a US-based organization. Their crew aboard the Horizon Arctic had been tirelessly working for ten days, facing physical and mental challenges throughout the operation.

Utilizing specialized remote-controlled vehicles, they managed to locate the shattered submersible at a depth of approximately 12,500 feet, several hundred feet away from the Titanic wreckage it was originally destined to explore.

“Bravo, and welcome back, team! You have made all of us extremely proud of the job you performed flawlessly,” the company said.

The debris will now be examined as part of US and Canadian investigations into the tragedy.

Officials believe the Titan suffered a “catastrophic implosion” soon into its dive on Father’s Day.

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