Beggar fantasizes about not passing away alone on the streets, thanks to kind strangers, finds a forever home

When a homeless beggar named Eddie was seen by Harry Jowsey, a YouTuber and TV personality, he learned that the man was afraid of dying alone on the streets. Harry made the decision to organize a group to provide Eddie with a permanent residence as a result.

Harry Jowsey once came upon a beggar with skin cancer who was living on the streets close to his house. He chose to start a conversation with him, which devastated Harry.

Harry asked him, “What is your biggest dream?” the guy, Eddie, responded, “I don’t wanna die alone… Not dying on the streets, seriously.” Harry made the snap decision to assist and ensure that Eddie got what he wished.

Harry’s Heartbreaking Situation

Harry learned that Eddie had skin cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy drugs, which had unpleasant side effects and made him quite ill. His cancer was clearly visible on his skin, which only strengthened Harry’s resolve to assist him.

He first gave Eddie some money and checked him into a motel, where he stayed for two weeks while he considered how he could provide Eddie with a forever home. Harry tried to raise money for Eddie to have a more secure abode for those two weeks by using his contacts.

Harry chose TikTok in order to reach a wider audience. His post featuring clips of himself interviewing Eddie quickly gained popularity and was seen by many kind strangers who wished to contribute.


The Internet Chimes In

People had nothing but nice things to say about Harry and Charlie, and they applauded them for the altruistic method in which they raised money for Eddie.


Efforts Made to Raise Funds for Eddie

They were able to earn more than $20,000 and get Eddie off the streets thanks to Harry’s best friend Charlie Rocket and the rest of his team, Dream Machine USA. They got on the phone with a few famous people, such as Marshmello, and in a short amount of time, they accomplished what they set out to do. All of this was captured on camera, and Harry uploaded it to his TikTok channel for everyone to see.

Eddie was overcome with emotion and unable to utter a word when he was eventually given the total amount; he was extremely appreciative for all of the assistance that he had received. During one point in the conversation, he told Harry and Charlie, “Just you guys being here is worth more than money.”

Eddie was able to purchase a motor home thanks to the money he was given. He is no longer compelled to live on the streets and instead resides contentedly in his newly acquired home, which is parked close to the ocean.