Basketball player has incredibly heartwarming response upon receiving adorable drawings from little girl

Meeting your favorite celebrity can be an emotional and unforgettable experience. A heartwarming video posted on Reddit by u/FatRenditions captured the moment when a girl met her favorite basketball player, Giannis Antetokounmpo. In the video, the girl hands him drawings as he signs a jersey for her. Antetokounmpo’s response is endearing; he gets up and says, “Let me give you a hug.”

The child becomes teary-eyed as Antetokounmpo embraces her. He thanks her and goes through the drawings, asking if she made them herself. When she nods shyly, he gives her another hug and poses for a photo.

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The sweet video has received about 11,900 upvotes on Reddit and has been captioned, “Girl meets her favorite basketball player and gives him drawings.”

Many users on the platform loved the athlete’s gesture. “I love moments like this – when we get to see the better side of human nature,” wrote u/qualityhealth101. “Something that takes 20 seconds can change the rest of someone’s life forever. It doesn’t take much sometimes,” expressed u/Kenny523.

In another heartwarming encounter, a young woman named Lauren served coffee to Alexander Ludwig, the star of “Vikings.” In a TikTok video posted by @alexanderludwig, Lauren shows Ludwig a picture of Bjorn, the character he played in the series, and says, “You look like him.” Amused, Ludwig asks, “Do you like Bjorn?” and continues to have a conversation with Lauren about the show. At the end, he reveals his identity and everyone laughs.