Barbra Streisand wept upon receiving a “Grandma” bracelet and became a typical Jewish grandmother

On November 5, 2022, Barbra Streisand shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram of her granddaughter, Westlyn Brolin, on her fourth birthday. In the picture, Westlyn wore a bedazzled pink tiara with the words “Birthday Girl,” and had a surprised expression on her face as she stood wearing a pink shirt and stroking her hair.

In the post, Streisand detailed how she created that look on Westlyn’s face by showing her the “beautiful cake” on her special day, expressing her love for her granddaughter.

Streisand’s love for her family was undeniable, as she had adopted her stepchildren, including Josh Brolin, as her own. She has been married to James Brolin for almost two decades and is also the mother of Jason Gould.

Despite her successful singing and acting career, Streisand’s most important roles were as a mother and wife. She and James Brolin merged their families after their marriage, and Streisand had a particularly strong relationship with Josh, who had four children by November 2022.

When Westlyn was born, Josh’s wife gave Streisand a bracelet that said “Grandma,” which made the singer burst into tears. Streisand was so excited about being a grandmother that she even asked when she could come to see the baby in her daughter-in-law’s stomach, and followed the baby’s progress with an app.

Streisand doted on her grandchildren, spoiling them with internet presents and showering them with love. She cancelled meetings to spend quality time with her elder grandchild and was completely immersed in Kathryn’s pregnancy with Westlyn, sending daily emails with baby names she came up with.

Streisand once said that family was more important than any career, and she adored all of her grandchildren equally, with Chapel joining the family on December 25, 2020.

The musician was overjoyed and James noted how his wife acted towards the kids who were not “her blood grandkids” by melting to putty when they were on the phone or when she received footage of the child’s activities.