Ballerina performs a special show at the hospital that saved her life

Maria Eduarda de Castro Pinheiro was a terrified 7-year-old undergoing treatment for kidney cancer at Hospital Braslia in Brazil fourteen years ago. The regimen was effective, and she became a ballet instructor! She has never forgotten the care and kindness she received in the hospital, even after all this time.

Maria has always desired to return to the hospital to thank the staff and inspire the children undergoing cancer treatment. At age 21, she finally did so!

She said, “I dreamed of this for a long time,” she said. “I always felt very grateful for them healing me and wanted to bring hope and encouragement to children who are in the same situation as I was once.”

She met a friend whose mother worked at the hospital, which was fortunate. “I talked about my story and my dream of returning,” Maria said. “She made it possible.” As a result, Maria paid them a visit in full ballet attire and danced to portions of “Swan Lake” while caregivers and patients gazed in awe.