Baby’s Heart Stopped 30 Minutes, Parents Started Praying Then Jesus Walked In

A couple who had just welcomed their first child were overjoyed and deeply appreciative to have a daughter. However, everything changed in a matter of seconds after they had just spent the best half an hour of their lives.

Nathaniel and Hayley Oliveri were a happy couple who were eager to have children. The couple soon learned they were expecting their first child, and they were thrilled to begin this exciting and brand-new stage of their lives.

Hayley managed to stay calm and address her worries the entire time she was pregnant. She and her spouse had confidence that everything would turn out well.

During their stay in the hospital, Nathaniel prayed for a nurse who had a neck injury, and she was healed. The Oliveris welcomed Gabriella Jane Oliveri, a sweet baby girl, on August 29, 2015.

“She was a perfect little baby,” recalled Hayley. But everything for the new parents changed about 30 minutes later. Their entire world fell apart.


The couple noticed their daughter’s fast respiration 30 minutes after she was born. Gabriella needed increasing amounts of oxygen. Amy Plowman, their midwife, phoned the pediatrician to check on the newborn infant, who was rapidly losing condition.

Nathaniel followed the pediatrician as he took Gabriella to the special care nursery. He was aware of her serious condition. The staff then tried to locate Gabriella’s veins after putting her on oxygen and sedating her.

Nathaniel prayed the entire time while keeping his hands on Gabriella. When Hayley arrived, she saw her infant daughter intubated and sedated so she could get enough oxygen. But then something terrible occurred.

Baby Gabriella. (Source: Normal Christian Life).

Gabriella’s heart ceased beating five minutes later. The Oliveris heard the physicians giving their daughter CPR and witnessed the professionals hurrying to assist their daughter.

Hayley was visibly frightened, so Nathaniel grabbed her hand and urged “Let’s have no fear. Let’s just pray and believe in God.” With her hand in his, Hayley prayed while she listened to her husband. Their midwife also joined in.

Gabriella’s condition remained unchanged for several minutes. The couple continued praying anyway, asking God to help for their daughter’s healing. A few minutes later, Hayley said she had a vision of Jesus. She recounted:

“I saw Him walk up to Gabriella, and I saw Him put His hand on her.”


After four minutes, Gabriella’s heartbeat returned, although she appeared grey. She didn’t make it was the obvious conclusion. The physicians examined her and warned the couple that the situation was serious.

Given the seriousness of the situation, the physicians and nurses were perplexed by the couple’s response. They believed Nathaniel and Hayley were in denial. They therefore got in touch with the couple’s pastor in the hopes that she would make them see sense.

The nurses were hoping that when pastor Katherine Ruonala arrived, she would explain the situation to the Oliveris. Instead, Ruonala joined Hayley and Nathaniel in prayer and asked the nurses to see if Hayley was ready to breastfeed Gabriella.

Pastor Katherine Ruonala (Source: Normal Christian Life)

Ruonala instructed the Oliveris to snap a picture with Gabriella even though she was still connected to the life support system and extensively intubated. Gabriella was then sent to a nursery for infants in critical condition at a different hospital.

The doctors battled to save her life as she was fast deteriorating. Her lungs started to fail one by one. But despite everything, Nathaniel and Hayley maintained their composure, remained hopeful, and persisted in their sincere prayers. Hayley recalled:

“It was almost like I was in a bubble of peace. I just knew that God was holding us, holding her.”

Nathaniel recalls asking the physician what he would think if Gabriella opened her eyes. Nathaniel told the doctor to be ready because God will soon heal her when he replied that he would be amazed.

The first-time father then paused and assured himself that no matter what happened to his daughter, his tranquility and faith would not be shaken. The Oliveri parents waited by the side of their infant daughter while they prayed.


After a long ordeal, Gabriella opened her eyes and stared at her parents on the evening of August 30, 2015. The physicians were perplexed. Not only had she opened her eyes, but she also appeared to be in excellent health.

Even her lungs, which had earlier collapsed, displayed no anomalies and were in good working order.

Medical professionals detected no problems with Gabriella’s brain, heart, and lungs.

Gabriella, who was originally gray and had been heavily intubated, appeared healthy and didn’t require feeding tubes. She immediately started nursing and was prepared to return home with her parents. The extraordinary way she recovered surprised everyone.

The Oliveri pair observed that their daughter experienced no issues with her physical or developmental progress and turned into a constant source of happiness in their lives.