Baby with a special heart-shaped birthmark makes everyone fall in love

In late 2015, in the Turkish capital of Ankara, a baby named Inar was born.

The tiny boy was already a celebrity in the birth room, and the nurses couldn’t resist taking photographs with the unique infant.

What exactly is the cause? Inar, even as a baby, had a remarkable birthmark on his head.

Every single child is a miracle, and in their own unique way, they are all stunningly gorgeous.

However, a young child who is so full of love that he has been given the nickname “love baby” is truly astounding.

The heart-shaped birthmark on the forehead of their newborn baby astounded his parents, Murat Engin, 30, and Ceyda, 28, who were holding him at the time.

When the adorable infant was born in 2015, millions of people all around the world were captivated by him.

At his birth, his parents were astounded and began to cry.

Murat, his father, told the Daily Mail: ”After a nurse cleaned the bloods on his head, I was the first who see the birthmark on his head. It was difficult for me to hold back my tears.”

The Daily Mail reports that nurses referred to the young child as a “love baby.” Inar gained adoration and interest from people all around the world and became viral.

The parents revealed that many strangers had approached them while they were walking along the street in order to take pictures of their son.

Murat said: “When we walk around, everyone smiles at us and loves him. All of our friends are curious about his birthmark because of its heart shape. They say that he is a love baby.”

His family considers Inar’s birthmark to be a “gift from God,” and ever since he was a young child, they have encouraged him to value the characteristics that make him unique.

“When we go to hospital for custom control, nurses and doctors know him and called him as ‘Hearted Boy.’ He already has many fans.”

And it appears that Inar continues to have a large number of followers and supporters all around the world who are interested in following his path through life. His parents have set up an Instagram account so that others may follow along with Inar’s day-to-day activities and watch how he is progressing.

Today, he is 7 years old and has retained all of his redeeming features.

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