Baby was dying, but a miracle happened when the nurse put the twin next to her to say goodbye

“It is fascinating how much we are influenced by another person’s presence. I’m sure many have experienced feeling calm and safe just by being around certain people,” writes an author. This influence can be incredibly powerful and, in some cases, even life-saving.

One remarkable story that proves this power occurred when a nurse defied hospital rules and placed a newborn baby next to her dying twin. This act ultimately saved the little girl’s life.

The story begins with the premature birth of twin sisters Kyrie and Brielle Jackson in a Massachusetts hospital on October 17, 1995. Born 12 weeks early, the twins weighed just one kilogram each and were placed in separate incubators. While Kyrie’s condition improved rapidly, Brielle struggled to breathe and was constantly crying and turning blue.

Despite the nurse’s best efforts, Brielle’s condition continued to deteriorate until Gayle Kasparian remembered a practice she had heard of in Europe. Despite it being against hospital policy, she decided to place Brielle in the same incubator as her sister Kyrie. Almost immediately, Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie, and her condition improved dramatically. She stopped crying, began breathing more easily, and regained a healthy color.

The iconic photo of the twins embracing in the incubator was taken by a local photographer and received significant media attention. Together, the newborns overcame their difficult start in life and grew up to be healthy preschoolers.

The hospital changed its guidelines on twin births as a result of this event, and clinical studies have shown that placing twins in the same bed has clear health benefits. The famous hug has helped to save lives and changed the way premature twins are treated.

As the author aptly puts it, “Together, we are stronger.”