Baby severely beaten by uncle defied all odds after life support turned off

Little Bobby was brutally attacked by Andrew Nolan, his aunt’s fiancé, in 2014 when he was just 7 months old. He was assaulted and tormented for four hours before being left battling for his life in a serious condition.

Barry and Elise, his parents, were away on their honeymoon when the terrible incident happened. Elise’s sister, who was engaged to Nolan, was temporarily caring for the couple’s children while they were gone.

One afternoon, Bobby was left in Nolan’s care while his aunt brought his older siblings to see a movie.

Nolan, a family friend of more than ten years, continued to beat and abuse Bobby, leaving bite scars all over his body, multiple skull fractures, a vertebral fracture, and wounded genitalia.

Bobby was rushed to hospital. Due to his serious injuries, he was put on life support. Doctors told his parents that turning off his ventilators would be the best thing to do.

Bobby’s heartbroken parents christened him and removed his life support as advised by the doctors. However, he continued to breathe.

Despite all that happened, he was still improving rapidly.

Bobby suffered quadriplegic cerebral palsy and eyesight loss as a result of his wounds, but his mother said he has never let things keep him down.

And after 5 years, the young child, known as “Bobby the Brave,” amazed doctors and family by surpassing all expectations.

Elise has honored what her son had accomplished in his short life on the fifth anniversary of his survival day.

“Five years ago today, we learned that evil does exist,” she said “He may have taken from you the life that we envisioned for you but he could never rob you of your determination and fight Bobby.”

At the age of 4, Bobby had overcome every challenge in his path a. He was not only in remission from epilepsy but also participated in Liberty Allstars cheering every Sunday, a team made up of children with special needs.

Even there is a long way to go, Bobby always has showing determination and strength. You can update more about this little fighter at Bobby the brave.